September 28, 2013

What's on my Nightstand?

I like to keep things simple and contained yet easily accessible. This Fossil tin that my watch came in works perfectly to rangle all of my nighttime essentials. 

Every night I slather on my favourite Burt's Bees Honey lipbalm and most nights I also rub the hand salve onto my hands and feet. The salve smells lovely and is extra softening, I have the full size but transfer it into this smaller travel size tin so it doesn't overtake the nightstand.

I also keep a small folding stand for my iphone in case I want to watch Netflix or Youtube. A glass nail file, hair claw and a bobby pin. I don't purposely keep the bobby pin bedside but they inevitably end up all over my house. I also keep a mini notebook where I write the things I am grateful for in. Of course, my kobo mini is never too far from my reach.

Lastly I have silicone earplugs, an eye-mask and my homemade lavender pillow and sheet spray. I don't use these every night but if I'm having trouble sleeping they help.

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