October 5, 2013

How to Smell Lovely - Naturally (Lavanilla Love!)

It was years after I started to go natural that I even attempted changing my antiperspirant to a natural version. Even then I went through several that I felt made me smell even worse then if I wore nothing at all! So discouraging because antiperspirant is loaded with chemicals I really try to avoid and I really wanted to be rid of it but not at the expense of being too smelly. So, about a year ago I discovered La Vanilla products.

The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla is a fantastic find! It glides on beautifully and doesn't leave any white residue (unless you apply it too heavy). The scent is a wonderful grown-up vanilla that is noticeable when you apply but not so strong you keep noticing it during the day.It keeps me smelling and feeling fresh all day as long it is a typical day (work, yoga, errands misc.). The only time I wear a more traditional antiperspirant is if I am going to a very long social event, it's 35 degrees outside, or if I know it's going to be a particularly stressful day. I wear this 90% of the time which greatly reduces my exposure to the aluminum, fragrance and petroleum products. I buy mine at Sephora at it is $23 Canadian, which I admit is really steep for a deodorant but one will last me 6-8 months with application 6-7 days a week. It is much cheaper on the Lavanilla website but shipping to Canada is a small fortune.

Another tricky product to switch to natural is perfume! The Lavanilla Forever Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Coconut smells like paradise to me! It is a sophisticated version of coconut, less sunscreen more subtle tropical vacation blended beautifully with a musky vanilla. It lasts for several hours on my skin and I don't hesitate to put a hint of it all over because it is just sweet almond oil with a blend of essentials oils.

A 0.27 oz roller-ball is $31 at Sephora.

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