October 30, 2013

Natural At Home Pedicure

I like to keep my toes presentable all year long and I prefer to do it at home. If we are being honest, nail salons kinda gross me out! This is the routine that gets me the results I like without too many products and without being too time consuming. I do the full routine about every two weeks with a few touch-ups in-between. 

Step One: With dry feet use the Revlon Pedi Expert to remove calluses and rough skin. This thing looks a little intimidating but I have had fantastic results with it. Just make sure to go gently, applying very little pressure. Remove calluses with the larger grit file going both directions, then refine with the smoother file going in only one direction for the smoothest result.

Step Two: Soak feet in warm water, you can add epsom salts or essential oils if you like. Then once everything has softened up scrub your feet with a mixture of coconut oil and sugar. Rinse and dry.

Step Three: Immediately after you dry off, use a manicure stone to gentle rub away any excess cuticle around your nails. This thing is amazing! No need to push back or clip your cuticles, just run the tip of the stone along the edges of your nails and just the right amount of cuticle will painlessly come off.

Step Four: Clip and file nails into the shape you prefer. Then use a nail buffer to smooth ridges and give a slight shine to the nails. This is especially nice if you don't plan to paint your nails. 

Step Five: Slather on a softening and moisturizing balm and you're good to go.I find this one from Burt's Bees to be extra softening, especially if I apply heavily then slip on socks and let it sink in overnight.

So that's what I do about every two weeks depending on my spare time and what my feet need. In the summer I almost always paint my nails, but once winter rolls around I rarely do, I like to let my nails breathe. Some quick maintenance during the week will help extend your pedicure. Once or twice a week use the finer side of the Pedi Expert to prevent calluses and dead skin from building up, using the manicure stone three to four times a week after your shower will help keep cuticles in check. 

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