October 9, 2013

Ode to Coconut Oil

Besides apparently being the 'World's Best Cooking Oil' coconut oil has so many uses it's hard not to love. It smells like a exotic beach and melts into a silky oil on the skin. Depending on your room temperature it may be a solid or liquid, it works equally well in either state. Here is my ever growing list of things you can do with this fragrant oil.

  1. Make-up remover. Rub a little between your fingers and gently massage over eye makeup, once you feel like it has broken down all the mascara use a very warm baby washcloth to remove the oil and makeup.
  2. Moisturizing Hair Mask. Saturate dry hair with coconut oil, wrap up into a bun and leave for 30 minutes up to overnight. You can either do just your ends or if you have really dry hair all the way to the scalp. Then shampoo once or twice and enjoy the silky smooth results.
  3. Body Moisturizer. I like to apply this right after a shower when my skin is still damp, it spreads easier this way. Leaves skin super soft. 
  4. Cuticle and Nail Conditioner. Massage a tiny amount onto nails and cuticles everyday to keep them healthy and strong. 
  5. Hair Serum - Anti Frizz. Rub a tiny amount between your hands until almost absorbed then run hands over ends of hair to smooth and condition. 
  6. Body, Foot and Lip Scrub. Mix sugar and coconut oil and massage pretty much anywhere!
  7. Toothpaste. Add a pea sized amount and one drop of peppermint essential oil to your toothbrush for a gum healing and breath freshening concoction. 
  8. Oil Pulling.  Take one tablespoon and swish for 20 minutes, then spit. Helps detoxify.
  9. Pina Coloda. Add to a smoothie or cocktail for a tropical twist.
  10. Popcorn. Makes a great replacement for butter on popcorn.
  11. Eye Balm. Check out my recipe here.
What do you use coconut oil for?

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