October 26, 2013

Super Food Smoothie

Nothing feels better to me then starting out the day with a nutritious fresh smoothie. (Although I will admit I am slightly partial to a good diner breakfast also, but only on occasion!) This is a low-sugar, high nutrient blend that also happens to be delicious. A good first step if you are hesitant about green smoothies or juice.

The Recipe:

1/4 cup natural plain yogurt (mine lists only skim milk, cream and active bactira cultures as ingredients)
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup raspberries
1-2 handfuls spinach
coconut water to achieve the consistency you prefer

The Breakdown:

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The Why:

Blueberries are extremely high in disease fighting, cell protecting antioxidants. Check out this link to read more about why they are so fantastic for you. Raspberries also are packed with antioxidants but also have very high fiber content. Check out here to see more about these tasty berries. Of course everyone knows spinach is good for you,it is loaded with vitamins A and C, iron and plenty of other important nutrients. In this smoothie you can't even taste it I promise!

Let me know if you try this or what your favourite smoothie recipe is.

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